Best Casino Movies of All

Best Casino Movies of All

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These best casino movies are all about high stakes and the tumultuous consequences that come with them. The drama surrounding the world of gambling can suck you in with its tales of big wins, devastating losses and criminal masterminds.

 There’s a lot of entertainment to be had when a movie is all about placing bets on horse races, boxing matches, and assorted sports games. And it’s easy to get caught up in the plight of the individuals who find themselves in the crosshairs of the bigwigs that run their own gambling underworld.

Robert De Niro, Adam Sandler, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and a host of other world-class actors have appeared in some of the greatest gambling movies ever put on the big screen. Thankfully, this list goes through the trouble of finding 30 of them and are required viewing for movie buffs everywhere. This best casinos movie became legend.

5 Best Casino Movies

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

5 Best Casino Movies

Here’s another gambling film that’s based on a true story. And this time, its main focus centres on a gambling superstar that becomes synonymous with the poker scene. High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story follows Stu as he goes from a young gambling prodigy to a legendary pro that ends up claiming the top spot at the Main Event portion of the World Series of Poker. This selection is a fascinating biopic that provides viewers with a deeper look into the world of gambling and how high levels of success can eventually make way for crushing lows.

The Cooler

5 Best Casino Movies

Bernie Lootz is very efficient at what he does he works at a Las Vegas casino as a sort of “bad luck bringer” that goes out of his way to jinx gamblers into losing. Shelly Kaplow, the casino’s boss lady, appreciates him and his ability to keep her casino on the winning end of things. But Bernie’s “cooler” abilities start to falter when he comes across a waitress named Natalie Belisario, who he falls head over heels for. This is one of best casino movies

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Matt Damon stars in this movie all about placing big bets and fighting to escape crippling debt. Matt’s character (Mike McDermott) ends up losing a ton of money during a poker game against a Russian gangster. After experiencing such a devastating loss, Mike leaves the poker scene behind due to his girlfriend’s pleas to leave the game behind.

But the game comes calling once more when Mike finds out his friend Lester “Worm” Murphy needs to pay off a huge debt to the same Russian mobster that Mike took a major loss to. Rounders follows Mike and Lester as they try to work the system to their advantage and find a way to get one over on the man who’s responsible for their financial misfortunes. This movie is one of the best casino movies.

The Last Casino

The Last Casino is kind of like a Canadian take on 21. A down on his luck college professor hatches a get rich quick scheme with the aid of three students of his choosing. After being banned from the casinos within Ontario and Quebec, the professor relies on his card-counting experts to take his place at those casinos and gamble their way to big money. The drama surrounding the professor’s debts and the ways in which his young protégés attempt to wipe them way makes this film a supremely absorbing experience.

The Gambler (1974)

These best casino movies told about one’s addiction to gambling can be immensely severe. An English professor by the name of Axel Freed knows this sentiment all too well. The Gambler (1974) follows Axel as his life spirals out of control due to his out of control gambling habits. Things reach a fever pitch once he recklessly gambles away a huge sum of his casino earnings, which proceeds to put his life in danger.

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