Borderlands 3 Review: More Exciting than The Previous Series

Borderlands 3 Review: More Exciting than The Previous Series

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Borderlands 3 is just one of ten best action-PS4 games you should try out. The game was released 13th September 2019. Millions of gamers in the world sent their biggest enthusiasm after the date of game release. But unfortunately, as the Borderlands lover, you have to wait for days to get the ideal performance.

It’s not easy to re-begin something we don’t get for so long. And before we step into the section of Borderlands 3 review, I, the writer, will share a series of Borderlands.

As a big fan of Borderlands, the game launched consists of three series of game: Borderlands (2009), Borderlands 2 (2012), and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (2014). And the most favorite one is Borderlands 2 as it offers more challenging gameplay and best graphic quality (especially the speed of movements and the visualization). I frequently played this game over and over again. 

Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 review focuses on some important aspects of  the game. The aspects are the gameplay, storyline, performance and features, and the average score. Let’s break them down.

The Gameplay

In Borderlands 3 review, I can say that the gameplay is almost perfect. I give 93 of 100. For you guys who haven’t tried this game out, it’s very recommended! The game owns a perfect formulation of gameplay. The players can enjoy a big variety of guns. You can choose the unique ones if you want. Not only that, the gameplay also offers the best equipment like shield, Relic, Class MOD, and Grenade Mod. And you can’t find those in the previous games.

Related to the equipment and the guns in this newest series of Borderlands game, we can’t find particular kinds of guns or weapons. For example, the pistol sounds too classic when we find the bigger gun like Unkempt Harold.

Pimpernel is much better than the sniper rifle. The Bee, the strongest shield is more recommended than End-game build, and many other examples of modern and effective guns and equipment in this third-series Borderland game.

Skill of the characters also attracts me a lot. I personally would say that the skill of each character in the game is quite improved. The player can play four characters at once. Those characters are Moze, Amara, Fl4k, and Zane. You can use more builds to create more fascinating gameplay. 

In brief, in this Borderlands 3 review, all aspects of Borderlands 3’s gameplay (skill, build, characters, equipment, and RPG elements) are quite perfect. 

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According to Borderlands 3 review, the game has a perfect storyline. The game uses the death of Handsome Jack as the perfect setting of time. As Borderland gamersa, we all know that at the end of story of Borderland, we’ve found a new fact that there were so many Vaults spread out the galaxies and they waited to be rescued.

After Hyperion’s and Jack’s, Tyreen and Troy Calypso create COV (Children of the Vault), a cult consisting of super-powered bandits. With this super-power, Tyreen and Toy want to collect all Vaults in order to be a true king. 

In the game, there are new Vault Hunters: Moze, Amara, Fl4k, and Zane. Here, you’ll reunite with Lilith and the rangers of Crimson Raiders. As the player, you have to assist Lilith to collect all series of Vault keys. 

But in the middle of the game, Lilith’s Siren has been taken by Tyreen and Troy, making these two siblings stronger and more powerful. You have to gather reinforcement from Crimson Raiders to re-optimizer Lilith’s power.For your information, some of Crimson Raiders are even playable characters in the previous Borderland series. 

So, what kind of conflict will Vault Hunter go through? Can Lilith and Vault Hunter stop the madness caused by Tyreen and Troy? And how will all this madness end? These questions can be answered in Borderland 3 review.


Borderland-3 review

Each battle that happens in this game feels much faster and more intense. This game is more interesting as it is further supported by the characters’ movement that feels much more fluid. The movement of character looks faster and freer than previous game series. 

The good news is you can slide to cover the other situations. In addition, the choice of weapons are available. The weapons we want to choose are more varied, allowing you to always change weapons even for the experiments. 

Of course, this transformation lets you, as the player, feel much more addictive. You’ll play the game over and over again.

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Not only that, the Vault Hunters’ ability is also quite interesting. The four characters are able to give different style in playing the game. Zane, for example, can create a hologram of himself. Amara can use her Siren. Unlike Amara, Fl4k with her ferocious pet, can pull out a giant robot in Metal Gear style. 

Everything looks fresh and gives a new colour in this game. In addition, the features are now back, of course, with a variety of cosmetic options that are much more varied, starting from head, skin, weapon, and vehicle. 

However, there is a new and interesting option of customized features. They are called the presence of emoticons in which you can show your expressions in full body. Of course, it’s very interesting to express or just say hello to other players who are playing co-op in the same time. 

Based on Borderlands 3 review, there is the best feature called co-op. The feature allows us to blow the bandits’ heads up with other players. This would be fun and exciting during playing the game. Through this game, Gearbox presents this feature perfectly.

There are two types of co-op available in this game: cooperation and coopetition. Cooperation is a feature that provides a mode of co-op plus competition element on it. Like the previous game series, Borderland 3 provides 2 types of co-op modes: local with split screen and online mode. 

But many metacritics say that the game played online isn’t as good as the offline. Many gamers are disappointed about it. How about you? Send your comment. 

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