Man arrested after allegedly stealing 1000-year-old man's hand

The Jatanras Unit of the Tabalong Police Criminal Unit again secured a suspected assailant. The perpetrator with the initials MI (44 years old) is suspected of coordinating the spread of this community disease for a long time. In fact, he can be said to be the lottery lottery dealer considering the profit is quite large.

In a raid on the residence of the perpetrator in Sei Pimping Village, Kec. Cape, Kab. Tabalong South Kalimantan has absolutely no resistance. Even the suspect resigned because he had already admitted to being involved in this illicit business, Saturday (1/27/2021) night

Initially, the disclosure of this case is indeed a report if gambling in the Tabalong Regency area is getting bolder. There are even retailers who often meet customers either selling togel installation services or depositing money from the winnings.

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The surrounding community who had been upset then reported to Mapolres, and then the team immediately followed up by making observations to several points that were used as the location of coupon transactions togel. When he was off guard, the perpetrator was immediately tasered while relaxing at his residence.

When officers performed a hand-wringing there was absolutely no preparation whatsoever to escape. From the offender's hands were obtained some evidence that showed that he was really a togel seller. Even the proceeds from the sale are still at the scene of the arrest.

AKBP M. Muchdori as Tabalong Police Chief through a message delivered kasubaghumas AKP Otto revealed that they confirmed there had been an arrest of MI (44 years old) a man involved in distributing togel and even he was a city in tabalong area.

"It is true, we have secured one of the alleged perpetrators has long been the brains of the spread of gambling togel. Even in our guesses as well as the evidence that has been collected, MI is a city in the region," said AKP Otto.

"We have been looking for this togel sales syndicate by asking directly to the perpetrators. But now the retailers can't get caught because of the possibility that they escaped after one of their colleagues was caught," he added.

The raid on mi ruman was directly led by Iptu Dedy Indarto. Together with his unit they observed the movements of the perpetrators in the past few days. After the perpetrator was caught off guard, mi was immediately raided in his house with evidence that incriminated him.

"There was absolutely no resistance in the hand-wringing at mi's house. He even immediately admitted that he was indeed one of the cities in tabalong area. We will then investigate all networks in the region by requesting some important information from the perpetrators, "After deeming enough evidence then taken with the perpetrators to Tabalong Police Station. The offender will undergo further examination and must be remanded in custody. There will be fines and penalties in accordance with current law.