You Need to Know That Games Make Health Decrease

You Need to Know That Games Make Health Decrease

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Games make health decrease – Currently, there are a lot of people from students and adults who are addicted to games, especially online games. They are willing to spend a lot of time just to be able to play their favorite online game that is booming

They are willing to stay up all night or even play games until they lose track of time. This is one of the bad effects given by the game which is games make health decrease. Humans, of course, need a regular life time, for example eating regularly. If a person does not eat regularly, it is certain that they will experience health problems.

It’s not just a matter of forgetting to eat, but games make health decline when someone stays up late just because playing games. The night breeze is of course not good for health, moreover this is always done continuously just to fulfill a high desire to play games.

And the government has advised its citizens as well as teenagers or students not to play games for too long. Reason is because there are so many negative effects caused by the game. Games make wasteful, games make you forget the time, game make you lazy and so on.

Many gamers are not aware of the bad effects given by games, especially online games, they are more likely to think about how they just play the game. And of course parents also have to play a role here if they don’t want their children to be negatively affected by playing games.

Parents must be extra careful and alert when their children play games. In addition, access to gambling is also very easy for children to touch. Do not let children, apart from playing games, also open a gambling site. This is because online gambling is currently rife among the public, including slot online, online poker, and so on.


Especially for students, the effect of games that games make health decrease is something that must be very concerned. Because students themselves are the future of the nation, don’t let the hope of the nation’s future have a bad health history.

In addition, students must also know themselves as students, by realizing that their obligation is to study and not play games. It’s good for students who do have a lot of free time to use that time for more useful things.

Reading books and seeking new knowledge is one of the best ways to use your free time. Instill in yourself that playing games for too long will not be good for health or achievement.

The second thing that can be done by students to prevent them from quitting the addiction given by the game that causes their health to decline is to stay away from the environment that is still involved in the game. Because if indeed you are still good friends with them then you certainly will not be able to limit yourself in playing the game.

The next thing is to look for positive activities or hobbies that can produce or hone your skills. Now, after knowing that games make health decrease, are you still interested in playing games until you lose track of time? Will you take action to protect your child from the bad effects of games?

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