Get to Know WSOP Million Dollar Tournament

Fans of this card sport must be familiar with the WSOP million dollar tournament or the World Series of Poker. The tournament is worldwide and is one of the biggest events in the card game.

The competition has a grand prize and reaches up to $1 million for the main winner. There are many levels of this multimillion-dollar tournament. Today, we're going to see what makes this multimillion-dollar tournament worldwide and even in the spotlight of many countries.

There are even poker card athletes from Indonesia who have won this event. Let's take a closer look at this multimillion-dollar tournament.

History Of WOSP Million Dollar Tournament

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The tournament was started and created from the beginning of 1970. Until now, there have been many champions who occupied the charter or the name of the champion. The idea was originally implemented by a commission called Texas Gambling Reunion.

It then gained popularity as well as sponsorship. The number of poker players is also high at the moment. So many players are flocking to join the world of The World Series of Poker. There is also a selection stage for players before they can enter and compete in the WSOP.

The World Series of Poker features many types of poker games. Not just one or two, but five-card studs, texas hold em poker, deuce to seven low ball draw, razz, seven card stud, and omaha. Each of these matches will be tested to a set of players. The system in this WSOP or world series of poker match is points. So collect as many points or balances as you can so you can qualify for the next round.

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WSOP began to get attention from major companies such as Caesar's entertainment originating in Las Vegas. Soon, the card game industry became huge. At the same time, the prize to the 1st place is $1 billion.

WSOP Million Dollar Tournament Selection

Surely there are a lot of poker players coming from all over the world. Starting from the continent of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and others. The World Series of Poker aims to screen only the best players. These players can be found by conducting selection process on each continent. Then there are about 1900 people to 2000 people who will be given access to come to the main event. This main event is definitely located in Las Vegas USA.

Career Athlete Player Cards

Card player athletes don't just rely on hockey. From the WSOP, many new players are born and inspired to reach the top. A card player athlete must be able to calculate the percentage as well as the chances of getting a good card. That's why these players are so rarely found locally.

Winning this WSOP match can boost a player's career and increase popularity greatly. To date, there have been more than 100 champions from the World Series of Poker. And the only player with the highest record is Phil Hellmuth with a total of 15 champions to date. That's all about the multimillion-dollar World Series of Poker tournament.