Grand Theft Auto V: Playing Fun Criminal Roles in World of Criminal

Grand Theft Auto V: Playing Fun Criminal Roles in World of Criminal

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Grand Theft Auto V is just one of best action-PS4 games you must grab this weekend. The GTA, we often name this game, is an incredibly fun and popular series of games from Rockstar developer. The series is started from an open-world 2D-game with a top-down camera point of view. 

It is then developed into an open-world 3D-game that becomes the basic benchmark for the other games with the same genre. In this fifth series, Rockstar, again and again, shows its ability to launch a game that’s fun. The players of this game are presented with a world to destroy. The story in the game is also full of satire and refers more to the actual social matters, popular culture, and also politics. 

Satire and Madness

As the one of the biggest games in this period, Grand Theft Auto V is quite unique as it relates to so many current issues on politics, social, and even culture. This is the main idea of the story in the gameplay. 

The biggest change you can find in this game is that there are three characters in the game who act as the main characters. Each character has its own unique characteristics; and these characteristics  make the game more interesting to play. 

Main Characters of Grand Theft Auto V 

You will be introduced to a character named Michael De Santa. He is a middle-aged man with big depression due to his family. He is rich but has a messy life. You can also meet the second character, Franklin Clinton. He is a black young man who tries to pursue a career in criminal path. He also wants to get out of his toxic environment. And the third character is Trevor Phillips. He is a middle-aged psychopath.

The relationship among these main characters of the game and  their personal intrigue are the key of Grand Theft Auto V game. These things make this game becomes one of the most exciting story-game launched this year. 

Then, according to the viewpoints, Grand Theft Auto V has excellent writing quality. And it can absolutely make you laugh so hard as well as much more critical. Why can it make you more critical? It’s because you can find a lot of satire in this game. It is not easy to seek the meaning of each satire related to the political and social issues. 

Beside the game can add its own depth in terms of narrative, the three main characters of the game (that you can play) also add the exciting gameplay. Plus, as long as you can control one character, other two characters won’t just sit there. 

This means when you control one character and then move another character, the new character will be busy doing activities. For example: Trevor, one character whom you will control in a hangover condition in the middle of nowhere.

Player Has Ability to Fully Control The Main Characters

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Don’t forget that you can also meet the other protagonist characters while walking around Los Santos. If this happens, you will get fun and interesting chats with particular topics. From this, we can see how dynamic Grand Theft Auto V is. It often amazes us. Sometimes, many people ask how can this game just be released in Playstation 4. 

The Different Los Santos

If you have played Grand Theft Auto V, of course you are quite familiar with the city of Los Santos. Los Santos is one of three cities in the state of San Andreas. And the game developer uses the city as the main setting of place of the game. But, don’t expect the city is the same city of the real Los Santos. This is the different Los Santos.

Los Santos in the game of Grand Theft Auto V is just an island surrounded by the ocean. Somehow, Rockstar, the game developer, will connect the city with two other cities. Different from previous GTA series, this game will allow you as the player to explore other other interesting places, like climbing the mountains, exploring the forests, and walking in the deserts of America.

Just for a little entertainment for San Andreas fans, here you still find Grove Street Home aka CJ’s house alley from the game GTA: San Andreas. Even, there are missions involving this place, too. 

Video Game with The Biggest Map

And do you know, Grand Theft Auto V is the GTA game series with the biggest map ever.  Even if you compare with other video games’ maps. The map of the game is bigger than the combining map of Red Dead Redemption and GTA: San Andreas. 

But, when we’re playing Grand Theft Auto V, the world we’re exploring is smaller than  GTA: San Andres’. It probably happens due to the GTA: Los Santos’s world is more varied in setting of places. In this game, we’ll find mountains, deserts, cities, even forests. Or GTA: San Andreas just presents the illusion of bigger places than GTA: Los Santos’s. 

It’s undeniable that Grand Theft Auto V is more interesting and exciting than the previous GTA series. The  big reason is that there are so many places to explore. How much fun? From doing madness like speeding or anarchist stunts. Or just looking at the scenery or just cycling up the high mountains and looking for the ghosts. Everything feels so great when playing this game. 

Game with A Controversy 

The main point is, with this game, doing bad things is really fun. This case then leads the game of Grand Theft Auto V into a big controversy. Some people say that the game always puts the player in the perspective of a criminal. 

The real example: the main character of the game is the one who is involved as the criminal. So do the supporting characters. Related to the supporting characters, you will find some supporting characters of the game. 

They come from various backgrounds, starting from celebrities trapped in life of illegal drugs and wild sex to a journalist who always follows those celebrities just to get the actual news. Vinewood, a supporting character whose a business related to criminals. There is also a car dealer who commits credit fraud to all customers, corrupt police, and many other supporting characters. 

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