iSoftBet Online Slot with Interesting Features

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Playing online slots will certainly be less fun if it is not accompanied by a capable system. With software from iSoftBet, it will certainly make online slots more fun because the system is easy to understand. The online slot games on iSoftBet are also available in various types.

This game development company has a location base in London. As for his office in Luxembourg and licensed from Alderney, Belgium, and England. This European-based company seems to continue to innovate with various quality improvements in the games offered.

The software developed by iSoftBet is one of the newest online slot software in the system. The games in it are always upgraded for the better in each update. The online slot company, iSofBet is almost known by all online slot game lovers in various regions.

The company that provides software for these types of online casino and slot games has even collaborated with the world’s largest gambling site companies to market their products.

Get to know the Giant Company iSoftBet

iSoftBet is a gaming company that provides several types of games, from casino to online slots. This company is committed to developing games by providing the best service.

The company, which has a motto of ‘simple play’, creates various games that are developed with a simple concept. This concept is certainly in accordance with the motto that is owned. The goal is to introduce the game without the need to be complicated and can be played by all groups.

iSoftbet was first developed in 2010 in London. Previously, this design had been worked on since the 1990s by a developer called fast CPU. After being developed, the company began to cooperate with various well-known brands as a promotional effort. These companies are mostly in the TV and film industry.

This cooperation effort is in the form of involvement in various films. One of them is the famous film Rambo and Beverly Hills. This effort is of course a way for iSoftBet to promote its company. In addition, iSoftBet has also penetrated the world of facebook social media by providing a facebook casino, namely ‘crazy slots’. This game was launched because of the high public interest on social media.

iSoftBet was licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission in 2013. It was also licensed by the UK in 2015. So by pocketing these two licenses, this online slot company is even more trusted.

The iSoftBet company relies on online slots as well as mobile games as their flagship product. However, iSoftBet also develops online casino to its full potential. In addition, there are also table games and poker which continue to be featured in addition to iSoftBet’s online slots.

iSoftBet always makes technological adaptations in order to provide the best quality for its users.

Popular Online Slots in Development


Online slots developed by iSoftBet are one type of game that is widely adopted by online gambling site providers. Hundreds of types of games are available here and they are easy to operate.

The quality provided by iSoftBet in online slot games can be seen in the modern 3D visualization which makes it trendy and contemporary. iSoftBet makes this game up-to-date and modern so it doesn’t go out of style.

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iSoftBet, which has collaborated with several television and film companies, has certainly incorporated these elements into the game. One of the most visible is the game using the Hollywood model. There is also a Platoon game composed in the style of the Ramboo film.

From 2014 to 2015, online slots produced by iSoftBet experienced an increase in production. It was then that 24 types of live games were launched and quite hit the casino with lots of new games. After that, Wisps and Neon Reels games were also released for online versions on PC and mobile.

When entering the online realm, iSoftBet still maintains the quality of the games in this online slot. For example in the Ambiance game, the graphics used are very satisfying by carrying the latest 3D. Also already using the latest flash and HTML5 technology.

In addition to online slots, iSoftBet also provides several other excellent games. For table game players, you can play it through a site that works with iSoftBet because the design is the most up-to-date. Another game that is quite fun is American Roulette. This game is a type of roulette game that is very popular.

iSoftBet is not an ordinary game company, but they are known as GAP or game aggregation platform so they can distribute other games from different companies.

In addition, iSoftBet also has its own back-end system that can manage the system as well as possible. Companies can detect players and manage their data from within the system. So with this, fraud committed on the platform can be suppressed.

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