Outer Wilds Review: Game with Secrets of Wild Outer Space

Outer Wilds Review: Game with Secrets of Wild Outer Space

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Outer Wilds is a fun game designed for everyone who really likes explorative puzzles. This game is one of ten best action PS4 games we recommend to you who have put your interest in everything about astronomy, the solar system, galaxies, creatures in other dimensions, etc. And yes fortunately, we will discuss the Outer Wilds review. 

Outer Wilds review is actually an indie game that can challenge to solve all mysteries of the solar system. In this game, you as the player, will be trapped on an unknown planet. You only have twenty two minutes before the Sun explodes and scorches all planets around it.

The problem is you’re just trapped in a loop of time that never ends. Maybe you get deja vu everytime you die. You repeat the same situation on the same planet. You can continue your exploration to seek the right answers. 

Of course this game is unique because it provides you a new concept of time looper. The player will act as a time looper to solve the mystery made by the game only for 22 days. Gimbot, one of the game critics, just made a review about this game; and this is the review. 

Uncommon Premise of Exploration

Outer Wilds review, based on Gimbot, offers us an exploration in outer space. What makes it so different is the premise of exploration built by the developer. The game uses an uncommon premise of exploration, so it never make us bored although we replay it in more repeats. 

For your information, Outer Wilds is an original game developed by Team Outer Wilds, but today it is reproduced by Mobius Digital Studio. Then, the game is released by Annapurna Interactive, the same publisher of What Remains of Edith Finch. 

Outer Wilds has successfully won two awards in 2015. The awards are announced in the annual game award, Independent Games Festival Awards. There are some reasons why this game deserves two awards. First, Outer Wilds carries the puzzles with a huge variety of excellent presentations, starting from the terms of multi-level puzzles, the design of puzzles, and the interesting secret world to explore.

In this game, you will be a professional astronaut who is trapped on a planet. You only have 22 minutes before the Sun explodes or turns into a supernova that kills everything nearby. To support your life, you have a group of life-supporting tools such as oxygen and others that can be refilled when you return to the rocket. If the oxygen runs out, you will die and automatically will return to your home planet. 

Based on Outer Wilds review, to keep you alive, you must answer the questions provided. The questions are why is the Dark  Bramble planet so dangerous? who did build the ruins of Nomai in the Moon?, and how do I stop the endless time loop? You can get the answers while exploring outer space as far as possible.

And remember, this game will always be repeated in 22 minutes. Once you’ve got respawn, you’ll be back in the first place where you begin your exploration. But you won’t miss everything you’ve got during the exploration. 

For example, according to Outer Wilds review, you have to guide an astronaut to the Observatory Room just to get a code of rocket launching.  After doing this, you do not need to look for the same code in the next game.

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Outer Wilds Review About Fantastic Designs for Puzzles

Outer Wilds Review

There are 3 reasons why this game fits everyone loving the puzzles. First, each dialogue of the character and the codex have important information that can relate to each other. If you miss one information, it means a big disaster goes to you. It’s a must to remind that missing information. 

Second, the environment of the game will always change right after the game is over and you respawn. It’s impossible to repeat the same steps just to solve unfinished puzzles. It is not easy to replay the game. All things in the game will be changed. 

For example, the game tells about the handcrafted solar system. There are basic rules we have to follow. The orbits, for instance, every planet and the satellites have their own orbit lines. This rule becomes your basic trick to know the right time for exploration. It means that you just can go to a particular planet at the right time. You can also see the description of the solar system in the Observatory Room. 

Third, according to Outer Wilds review, this game owns multi-level puzzles in which they can change into the harder ones. The higher level the game you play, the harder puzzles you get. And each planet has its own challenge. You, as the player, will find a situation, we called an extreme situation, in several locations containing the information you need.

So, if you really don’t like the puzzles, don’t play this game. The game will make you so frustrated. And for you guys who are phobia of the darkness, it would be better to get rid off this game.

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First-Person Mode

When playing the game,you’ll be the first person, really bringing you into an outer space adventure. You will find so many dark places like Black Holes, Dark Bramble, etc. And if you walk in the wrong path, you’ll be thrown out into the Black Hole then die. 

There is no clue during playing the game. You have to search for all clues you need the most. This, of course, would be the hardest game for you who are regularly guided by various menus of game tutorials.There is also no dialogue, animation, audio, and expression.

Outer Wilds review by Gimbot puts more concern on two most-interesting elements of the game: graphic quality and music. Graphic quality plays an important role for all video games, including this game. It’s the right decision to make the graphic as the main highlight. It’s the main key for all exploration games

Then the music, it’s quite crucial as it supports the graphic quality. Both music and graphic, are unseparated elements for all games emphasizing the themes of adventure.

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