Playtech Slots Becomes the Largest Game Provider Software

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Online slot games for game lovers are certainly familiar. This game has been done a lot both offline and online. One of the online slot software providers is Playtech Slots This game developer is also regarded as a software giant as well as Microgaming.

Playtech company provides a lot of game facilities and provides software with good quality. So don’t be surprised if many online slot sites adopt slot software from Playtech.

Playtech is a game industry company based in London, England. This company strives to present a variety of games that are always at the forefront and in accordance with the times.

Through its official website, Playtech provides ten products that are marketed. This product ranges from live casino to financial planning. Of course, Playtech also provides online slot software which is now much favored by online gambling lovers.

Getting to Know Playtech Companies in General

Playtech Slots Software

Playtech is a company that was founded in 1990. This company continues to grow from year to year by bringing many innovations in it. Initially, Playtech was launched in Tartu, Estonia by offering products in the form of casinos, game software, and multimedia needs.

Not long after this company was founded, they then launched an official casino license in 2001. This license was later adopted by many casino service providers in several regions.

The progress made by Playtech is fairly fast. After launching a license in 2001, the company formed iPoker in 2004. Their new product made it possible to create a worldwide network of poker providers. So, this is where Playtech begins to penetrate the international world more broadly.

With a fairly fast progress, the company was officially licensed by London AIM in 2006. It turned out that the iPoker product was able to shift various competitors in the business and make this license easy to obtain.

Playtech provides software with high quality. With its commitment to providing various types of standardized games, Playtech has won many awards. This company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange-listed as a company that has many advantages, especially in terms of technological developments.

Playtech’s journey and actions in technology matters, of course, there is no need to doubt it. Several Playtech subsidiaries have also been established with success. For example Ash Gaming, they were founded in 2010 and strengthen playtech companies in providing various slot games. There are at least an additional 500 games online.

Companies engaged in the gaming industry are consistently releasing at least 50 new games every year. Although there are many, Playtech still prioritizes the quality of the game by cooperating with many well-known brands. For example HBO, Universal, and Marvel.

Spreading Wings Not Only With Online Slots

The game company Playtech has almost mastered the types of online games in cyberspace. In addition, Playtech also provides attractive offers by providing software in several types of games. One of the things that Playtech is proud of is the online slot software.

In addition to slots, Playtech also develops unique table game and bingo type software. In addition, they also provide live videos which are then adopted into a live casino in several languages. Namely England, Spain, and also Italy.

With the strength of their products in terms of live sessions, they also spread their wings into the realm of television. Playtech with its broadcast features several shows on English, Italian and Spanish TV programs.

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Of course this is not something surprising because Playtech itself has a mission to dominate the types of digital markets.

Popular and Most Selling Slot Games

The slots provided by Playtech are types of games that can be compared to various other types of slots. They have a good development system so that the system in the game is also of good quality.

Playtech provides hundreds of games from this slot. Several types of games in popular online slots are Dr. Lovemore, A Night Out, Atlantis Queen, Alien Hunter, Baywatch, and Gladiator. Playtech also develops online slots with attractive 3D visuals, such as Three Musketeers and Queen’s Diamond.

The company that collaborates with several well-known brands also produces games that are quite popular. One of the progressive jackpot slots that DC is working with is Daredevil and Electra.

Apart from DC, Marvel is also quite helping Playtech to stay ahead in the world of online slots. Lots of slot fans play Marvel-themed games. For example, the Marvel Mystery Jackpot which contains The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Avengers, and others. This type even has four random progressive levels.

These four progressive jackpots are Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot, and Ultimate Power Jackpot. The biggest prize that can be obtained from this jackpot is 100,000 euros. Surely this is very tempting is not it?

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