Police Arrest Two Young Men From Simeulue Involved in Online Gambling

On Friday (1/22/2021) Simulase police uncovered a case of gambling in the form of slot games using a mobile application in the Sinabang area of Simeulue.

There, RM (23) and IS (39), residents of the eastern Simeulue district, were arrested by police for owning or buying two online slot gambling chips.

illustration of evidence

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Through Ipda Muhammad Rizal, Head of Bareskrim Capolarus Smule, AKBP.

"If a chip (the name of a coin in an online gambling game app) is sold to a collector for $62,000, then the coin will be purchased in a container for more than $70 billion," he said Saturday (1/23/2021). .

Kazat explained that they were caught red-handed while dealing with chips. There is also a number of evidence for further processing until finally brought to the Simeulue Police Headquarters.

"Evidence in the form of cash Rs. 1.1 million more than the proceeds from the sale of chips owned by sellers and buyers, two units of mobile phones and proof of sale or demolition scripts," he explained.

They are further prosecuted under Ipda Muhammad Rizal based on Article 20, Article 18, Article 18, Paragraph 6, Aceh Qanun No. 6 Act.Sourc