Review of The Bloodborne PS4 Game, A Game of Torture

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Today’s game review would bring us to a bloody and gothic-theme game. Bloodborne is a game for gamers who really love something bloody in the world of game. The review of the Bloodborne PS4 Game is a good chance for you guys who are the beginners of this game. We just want to review one of ten best action-PS4 games in more detail, so check this review out. 

Most Bloodborne gamers, especially those who are the experts of the game, say that you have to prepare yourself when playing  this game. The game created by Hidetaka Mizaki is so interesting and challenging. If you are a veteran gamer in the Souls series, you would be so familiar with this game. 

Spoiler! Your game would be over. But it’s true. This game is not easy. You have to own a lot of skills in gaming. A lot of moments in this game make you are fooled and manipulated by the characters of the game. 

Based on the review of the Bloodborne PS4 game, the game is so cool and full of thrilling-actions where all characters of the game have to confront each other. They’re fighting when they meet; really exciting. 

Overall, the game is not annoying. By contrast, the game gives  you a lot of fun in an unconventional way. Like in the Souls series, Bloodborne provides a sense of satisfaction that cannot be compared to any games. Even more when you successfully conquer the challenges of the game. 

Review of The Bloodborne PS4 Game

Yharnam – The City of Sick that Promises Healing

Review of The Bloodborne PS4 Game

Just like the Souls series, Bloodborne game is a game with narrative quality that isn’t depicted in clear dialog or writing, but in a fascinating visual appearance that is well represented in all characters of the game. 

The visual quality is also perfectly applied in all settings of the place where they seem telling us the story of what really happened. This will often make the players feel so confused about the story of Bloodborne. But the developer has managed to create a slick visual appearance that actually makes the players curious about the story in this game. 

In Bloodborne, you are persuaded to visit Yharnam, a city with a dark gothic theme. This city is known as a city that can provide powerful medicines. These medicines can cure various diseases. Unfortunately, when you visit the city, you don’t find healing, but death. So, start your journey as the survivor as long as you wander out of the city. 

During your journey, you will meet various terrifying creatures. They will threaten your life, starting from Yharnam’s crazy inhabitants, imitating wolves, and various other deadly monsters. 

Plot of Bloodborne

The basic plot of Bloodborne may sound so simple. You are not given a clear hint, but it doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have a deep story. Once you start exploring this terrible city, you will find so various of small story pieces in it. Each piece of small story will make you more and more interested, especially in delving into the story. 

The plot of Bloodborne is also supported by the appearance of NPCs who own very interesting traits. NPCs are identical with crazy and funny nature. They also make us always remember them. This is one of the best qualities of the Souls series that had remained in Bloodborne, and it still leaves a deep impression. 

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It’s Time to Die, Again!

Based on the review of the Bloodborne PS4 game, this game is so difficult one, and it’s a fact. Even weak enemies will cut you down easily if you are careless. The dangers raised are not visible to the naked eye, so that you get caught in an ambush. 

The enemy may hide behind the darkness, walls, smoke, fog, or anything that’s really out of your mind. Not only the enemies are hiding, there are other elements of surprises that are ready to catch you. These surprises will make you off guard as you explore the ins and outs of the city of Yharnam. 

How to Win the Game

Yes, it’s tough to win the game, but it doesn’t mean you cannot be a winner. Every enemy can impossible to beat as long as you understand every pattern of enemies’ movements, range, and attack gaps. 

By exploiting these things, you will be able to beat all your enemies. Of course, doing these tricks are more difficult than what is expected. But if you succeed, the satisfaction you get is incomparable. 

Do you still remember the soul drop system in Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls? You can also find him in the Bloodborne game, but he’s slightly different in form. Once you die in this game, all Blood Echo (a kind of soul in the previous Souls series) will be attached to one of the enemies nearest where you died or fell.If you die before retrieving the fallen Blood Echo, then you will lose the Blood Echo forever. 

The boss battles presented in this game are still epic and very challenging. But if you beat the boss, the satisfaction you get is so quite enormous. It can’t be described in words. This amazing feeling drives you to continue playing the game. This game is so addictive. 

The boss presented in this game is the same character from the Souls series. He is large in size, fast attract, and can kill you just in one hit. Other bosses can also expose you to poison and other things you don’t want to get. 

A Faster and More Brutal Fight 

If you ever read the review of the Bloodborne PS4 game, you’ll know that this game has a similar gameplay to its ‘brother’ series, the Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. The big difference is that the Bloodborne invites you to be much more aggressive in battle. 

You no longer rely on the shield and sword as we find in Demons’ or Dark Souls. Here, you’ll use the physical attacks more to defend your life. The Regain System in this game also provokes you to fight and to attack brutally. Really makes people so curious about this game. 

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