Tetris Effect Review, Try The Game and Feel The Addict

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Don’t call yourself a true gamer if you don’t know this game. Tetris Effect review is one of ten best action-PS4 games you can play when you’re getting bored with your current activities. This game is a legend of video games that  has been existing since a few years ago, particularly when the game industry began to appear for the first time. 

Now the Tetris Effect for PS4 has been launched with new specs and visual effects. It successfully exists in the middle of a new transformation of game platform generations. We all know that today’s video games are very modern and updated. 

New Version of Tetris Effect Review

Tetris Effect review is a puzzle game that has crossed the industry of video games. The gamers, the old ones and the new ones, had tested how tough it is to arrange the blocks of various shapes from one level to the next levels. 

To move on the next level, we have to manage our speed of descending the blocks. However, in the middle of the shift of the game industry, especially in this modern world, it’s a fact that Tetris Effect is a game which needs to be played. This game isn’t a simple game anymore. 

The new version of Tetris Effect has the best visual quality. The game also has been supported with a lot of new mechanisms, transforming the game into a more complex one. The prototype of the newest Tetris has been analyzed by Enhance Inc and a creator of REZ Game and Lumines. 

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Tetris Effect Is Available for PSVR, Too

Tetris Effect review

Tetris Effect is designed for PS4 and PSVR. It would be a good recommendation for you guys who love something challenging, especially with those that can drive up your brain, your skill, and your strategy in playing games. Its visual quality also quite fits your VR device, giving more exciting experience during playing this game.

Yes, Tetris has changed, but this game still exposes the original concept of gameplay, so when we’re playing it, we actually operate the same game, the old Tetris. The big differences are in the visual effect   and fast & modern operating system. This means that there is no significant transformation. On the other hand, the game’s transformation is quite relevant with the atmosphere of today’s modern game industry. 

Tetris Effect Review with AESTHETIC

For your information of Tetris Effect review, Tetris Effect is closely related to a meme: AESTHETIC. There are two approaches when we relate these things. First, the game developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi could bring a massive effect to the players, so that the game is called ‘Tetris Effect’. 

The term ‘Tetris effect’ here explains how to play the game for a long time and make the player through a phase called a unique effect on his psychology.  Tetris Effect, in fact, has made a big effect on players’ psychology. The game is on their mind. Even when they’re sleeping, they can see the whole blocks of Tetris. This is the real evidence that the game is overpowered, especially on players’ subconscious. 

Everything imagined in their mind will be automatically related to Tetris. For example, when they go shopping at a supermarket, they see the bottles that look like the puzzles in the game of Tetris. Some others even say that they can’t control their mind. Tetris always runs in their mind. 

But do you know, in several countries, Tetris Effect review is used by therapists as a media of therapy. The game re-launched November 4th 2020 is a masterpiece created by Monstars Inc and Resonair. The game

It’s clear to say that Tetris Effect could bring the real effect. The developer of the game has successfully created a new addictive game. The game is also claimed as an attractive game that never be bored to play. This is the game for high-skilled players. 

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Mode Kinds in Tetris Effect Review

Tetris Effect is a game with a lot of content. We’ll never find any modes or plots or even a dramatic storyline like other video games. But here, the game has its own mode called Journey Mode. It will bring us to all levels of game provided in several series. 

Each mode has its own theme and music. Each mode also has a unique challenge but the same mission – creating a certain number of shattered before moving onto the next level. This unique challenge arises from changing phase and speed of falling blocks even though they are at the  same level. 

Besides, Tetris Effect review also offers a free-separated mode called Effect Mode. This kind of mode consists of four categorizations: Classic Mode, Relax Mode, Focus Mode, and Adventurous Mode. Each mode has a different goal. 

Classic Mode is designed for a classic challenge; Relax Mode is the best option for everyone who loves playing Tetris just for relaxation. Focus Mode in the game of Tetris contains attacks, while Adventurous Mode gives much more challenge. This last mode never let you win. It’s the hardest mode. But, regardless of what mode you choose, the game of Tetris uses the same gameplay with the old one. 

No Multiplayer-Concept in Tetris Effect Review 

Unfortunately, Tetris Effect review doesn’t offer a multiplayer mode. Still have no idea why the players are not allowed to compete with other players online or offline. The only one ‘multiplayer’ mode that exists in this game is a periodic event that will be presented to temp all players to keep coming back and playing this game over and over.

As if the players have to compete with other players by exposing the game level achieved. Not only that, the players here also need to tell their best score during playing this puzzle game. 

Tetris is actually a puzzle game first released in the 1990s. The old version is designed in monochromatic, but today, the game has been transformed into the game with the best visual effects. The visualization, especially the colours and graphic quality, are perfect and beautifully stunning.

You can play this game with your console or VR. it’s up to you what device you’ll grab to play this classic-gameplay but modern-visualization game. 

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