The Latest of God of War: The Best Action Video Game with Best Graphic Quality & Gameplay

The Latest of God of War: The Best Action Video Game with Best Graphic Quality & Gameplay

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God of War is one of the most recommended video games you must try to play this weekend. The latest of God of War is claimed as one of ten best action PS4-games which has been released this year. Many game reviewers agree that this latest game of God of War is the best one. 

For your information, The latest of God of War is the gameplay consisting of some series (franchise). But the game developed by Santa Monica Studio is the best one among other God of War’s sequels. The game tells about the story of a father and his son who walk around and explore many places just for the women they love. 

There is a big difference between the game and the previous series. We really appreciate that the developer has done a lot of transformation, especially on the system of the game, including the storyline, gameplay, camera system, even the latest features which cannot be found in this previous series of God of War.

The Latest of God of War – Storyline

Even though God of War’s gameplay has major changes, this exclusive is not a reboot one, but a direct sequel to its previous series of games. Based on the story, the game reminds us about two popular movies: John Wick and Logan, where Kartos, as known as God of War and a Spartan Warrior, tries to start a new life. He also tries to forget his past by becoming a responsible father of a child named Atreus. 

The story starts with Atreus and Kartos preparing the funeral of a woman they love. Both go to the highest peak of Norse to fulfill the woman’s final wish: release her ashes from the highest peak of Norse. This journey will be a tough journey. 

Before starting the journey, Kratos must firstly make sure that Atreus is ready to face all potency of bad things in this wild world. He trains his son to hunt in order to anticipate the threats during their journey. 

However, it seems that Kratos does not have much time to train his son well as the situation has changed. A mysterious man knocks the door. It’s time to go to that Norse peak, says Kratos.

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Challenging Gameplay

The Latest of God of War

Santa Monica’s decision to replace the hack and slash gameplay that focuses on Kratos’s brutality seems to be a new challenge for the game. We can see the change just from the weapons used by Kratos. For your information, the main character of the latest of God of War has a weapon called Levianthan Axe and a shield. 

It means you, as the player, are forced to play at the close range; this is more vulnerable to the enemy attacks. The ability and timing to deflect and to dodge is the crucial factor. This condition forces you to no longer attack brutally anymore. 

Your attacks must be coordinated to make a good defense. If you don’t, you’ll die due to your enemies’ attacks. In addition, the change of the camera’s viewpoint also provides a new challenge. 

The latest God of War game uses Over the Shoulder camera’s viewpoint. This viewpoint exposes the vision of a camera that focuses on Kratos from behind his shoulder like in the game of Last of Us.

This viewpoint, of course, limits the player’s vision; the vision is only limited to 180 degrees, meaning that the player can only see the objects in front of him, so you as the player always be more aware of the enemies around you.

Atreus’ Role

Fortunately, Santa Monica introduces Atreus as a crucial character in this game. Atreus is very helpful during this game. He will automatically find the ways to attract the enemies’ attention when her father, Kratos, has been in a brutal fight with the enemies. Atreus’s immortal is beneficial. The boy can also be the important element of each battle. If you succeed in improving Atreus’s ability to the maximum level, you will win the game easily. 

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Graphic Quality and Original Soundtrack

It looks like Santa Monica developer really succeeds in depicting the mythology of Norse in a good way. They successfully present a game with a best graphic on ps4 quality. Each visual of characters, setting of places, and even the movements of fight are exposed in detail. 

Look at the details of the visual of the characters. Kratos and Atreus, for example, are described as the figure with big muscles. The developer also concerns on the expressions  delivered by each character of the game. Even the smallest detail of visual like Kratos’s beard looks so real.

About the battle arena, the developer also sets it up in perfect details. They create all settings of places in the game as real as possible. You can find the ruins of remnants of the war in Midgrad. You can also find the wild nature with beautiful landscapes, the high-snowy mountains, and many more.

And the original soundtrack, it’s so beautiful. It supports the game visualization of the latest God of War. The music played in this game blends perfectly with the game. It drives the emotion when each scene is played. We can conclude that the graphic quality and soundtrack are a perfect balance. So fantastic! 

The Role of Levianthan Axe

As the super weapon, Leviathan Axe also has a crucial role in the latest of God of War. It is more than a weapon. It’s also a key for puzzles in this game. During playing the game, you will find so many puzzles, secret doors, and secret places where they can be accessed by using this ‘key’. Just throw the axe out, and the doors can be opened automatically. And do you know, Leviathan Axe has a new concept called Runic Attack, a skill to support Kratos’ power and capability of fighting.

There are more varian of Runic Attack you can get during your journey in this game. Each Runic Attack will bring a different effect, like causing the damage or just getting the crowd control where it can create the effect of stun or freezing to the enemies. 

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