Understanding and Types of Gambling in Indonesia

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Seeing the many types of gambling in Indonesia, this makes it easier for people to access malicious websites. Yes, online gambling not only harms religion but also jeopardizes your security in the IT world. This is why gambling can be avoided.

Gambling is a game that is not only dangerous in Islamic law but also dangerously visible from the legal system in Indonesia. In Indonesian law, gambling is a game that belongs to criminal law. The rules about this law we make in the Criminal Code or stands for Criminal Code.

Definition of Gambling in Law

In the Penal Code, gambling is regulated in article 303 and also in Law No. 11, 2008, which regulates more clearly such as the ITE Law governing online gambling. In Indonesian law, gambling means as the types of gambling in Indonesia that are played based on probability. The advantages that each player can gain from each player one of them it causes good luck. In addition, it can also do it when the player is already good at training. Gambling is included in betting as well as race results.

Some Village Gambling Games That Are Still Popular Among Indonesian People:

Togel (Dark Toto)

Togel game is a rural gambling game with guessing numbers that operate is a national and international gambler and is illegal because it contains elements of gambling. The lottery itself has been around since ancient times and flourished in the 2000s.

This dark togel or toto comes from guessing numbers in the ’80s. dark togel or toto can be bought through togel retailers or what they usually call merchants. But with advances in technology, we can now buy tiles by visiting the online togel website.

Togel game system or dark toto game is that players can buy numbers that they believe will pass, consisting of 4 digits in the form of As, Head, Head, and Tail. Then when scheduled, the dealer of this gambling will issue a 4-digit number that will be the deciding factor, if the buyer guesses correctly it will get a prize of double the money. Even to know that some people from the countryside are eager to ask for numbers to haunted places or even interpret his dreams to get the right number.

There are several national markets in togel gambling that are very famous. Hong Kong togel market and Cambodia, Taiwan, China and Sydney togel markets. The largest are SGP, HK, SYD, Cambodia, China and Taiwan. In addition, there are many other markets in the world, but they have fewer fans than this market.

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paito hk color

You must have heard of cockfighting gambling, especially for those of you who live in the countryside. Cockfighting is a village gambling game with courage, fighting power and good chicken or gaco courage, by tying it with a rooster or other gaco. Chickens have long been used as animals to complain about.

Usually they bring chickens to the farm to fight with other chickens. Then the people around him will see and risk some money to risk which chicken they will win. If the chicken he’s betting on wins, he’ll make some money. But if he loses, he will also lose some of the money he is betting on.

However, cockfighting or cockfighting does not necessarily include gambling activities, depending on whether the activity has a gambling element or not. Because there are some people who do chicken soap or soap only for pranks or even for cultural activities that degrade from generation to generation.

Gambling Dice Shake or Koprok

It turns out that not only in Las Vegas, dice gambling is also in Indonesia. But the place is not as luxurious as in America. In Indonesia, usually these dice gamblers will visit villages such as night markets or wayang golek. Then after meeting with people who want to bet, they will go and sit in a dark place. Then with minimal lighting they will bet.

In some areas, this village gambling game is also commonly called otok. The player will pay the dealer some money and then choose the number. The media often used for this game is a ball-shaped musical instrument that will scroll to reach the selected number.

If the player fails several times, usually the dealer will give a prize in the form of a boiled egg, as a consolation prize for the loser. In some places gambling dice shake or koprok just let it go, but in some places there are also caught because they consider it as activities and games that unsettle the community.

Play Card Gambling & Gaple Card Gambling

If some countries and cities, card gambling usually holds in a nice and luxurious place. In some villages, card gambling usually holds it in a quiet place, like an empty house. In addition, they also often do card gambling activities at festivals. Usually people who are celebrating marriage, circumcision, or newborns will hold a “melting” event which means not sleeping all night to get blessings.

So to eliminate drowsiness and fatigue they usually play a game of gambling types in Indonesia, ranging from playing cards to domino cards. And interestingly, usually the house or owner will give you empty drinks and glasses in the middle of the game arena. And the person who loses the gambling will fill the glass as a donation to the homeowner or those who have the desire. In some areas, this practice is often raided because they consider it illegal.

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