What are the Health Problems Due to Playing Online Gambling

What are the Health Problems Due to Playing Online Gambling

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Health Problems – Many people say that gambling is a fun and money-making activity. This can happen as long as you are professional and able to manage finances. Unfortunately not everyone is happy after gambling. In addition, they do not realize if there are health problems due to playing online gambling.

Whatever pkv gambling game you play, there is nothing wrong with it. Examples of online soccer betting, horse racing, roulette, bacarrat, qiuqiu, dominoes, and slots. The conditions for playing safe gambling are not excessive.

Playing excessive gambling also makes a person affected by psychological disorders. Even a gambler goes crazy from losing hundreds of millions and going into debt. Gambling brings dangerous diseases that harm yourself and your family.

Health Problems Due to Playing Online Gambling

There are various health problems due to playing online gambling based on articles published by thehealthsite.com.

What are the Health Problems Due to Playing Online Gambling

1. Decreased Immune System

Playing gambling can also lower the body’s immune system. The reason is, a gambler tends to be stressed because of the defeat experienced. Stress or depression that is felt will result in changes in the human immune system.

Where the cells that should work as the immune system will become weaker. So that the human body becomes vulnerable to infectious diseases and dangerous infections. For example, flu, fever, migraine, stroke, and often sick.

2. Heart Disease

Did you know that gambling can trigger heart disease? This happens because of emotional fluctuations experienced by gambling players. This creates a negative impact on the body’s cardiovascular system. Moreover, gambling games are always uncertain which causes adrenaline and cortisol levels in the body to increase drastically.

When this condition occurs continuously then a person becomes very at risk of having a heart attack. Especially if it has been going on for years. There is a risk of sudden heart attack upon awakening or sleeping. The result can be life threatening and heart rhythm disturbances occur.

3. Digestive Tract Disorders

It turns out that gambling players often experience digestive disorders. This is common because of the chronic stress that gamblers suffer from. This has a negative effect on the stomach. For example, ulcers, stomach acid rises, and experiencing intestinal disorders.

In addition, gamblers tend to rarely eat because they always prioritize gambling games. They prefer instant food every day without regard to nutritional value. So, it is not surprising that gamblers lose weight and often have stomach pains.

4. Eye Disorders

In the past, the practice of gambling was carried out in a dark and dimly lit place. So, gamblers are accustomed to squinting to see the dice or cards. Different from today where gambling uses a platform or site.

As a result, the gambler’s eyes are constantly staring at the laptop or smartphone screen. If you stare at the smartphone screen without knowing the time, it will cause visual disturbances.

5. Lung Disorders

Usually gambling places are always filled with cigarette smoke. If a person inhales cigarettes or cigarette smoke continuously will cause lung problems. Almost the same as the current online gambling phenomenon, where online gamblers are already familiar with cigarette smoke. This is where the long-term effects arise, namely bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancer.

6. Diabetes

Ongoing stress is definitely felt by gamblers. As a result, sugar levels increase. In addition, it can change the need for insulin which will cause diabetes.

If you play too much gambling, it will bring various diseases. In fact, health problems due to playing online gambling can end in death. / Dy

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