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What Remains Edith Finch Review: The Game with Best Narration

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Giant Sparrow, the developer of  The Unfinished Swan, has launched a new game, What Remains of Edith Finch. This game is on the list of ten best action PS4 games recommended by action game lovers in the world. Giant firstly introduces his newest game in Playstation Experience. He says that this game is very different with his previous games that frequently focus on narrative games. Well, to give you much more knowledge about Giant’s new game, today we are going to review the game; and thanks to Tech In Asia since giving us so many references that inspire us to make a brief What Remains Edith Finch review.

What Remains Edith Finch review contains many aspects we’re going to analyze in more detail. The concept or main idea of the game, for example, is a cluster of short stories of the member family of Finch who are living in a big house owned by their grandfather and grandmother. Each story has a different setting of time in a different era, starting from the early 1900s to the modern era. One thing that makes us surprised is that all family members are dead in mysterious ways.

According to What Remains Edith Finch review by Tech In Asia, as the player of the game, you will act as Edith Finch. The gameplay seems so similar to Gone Home, but in this game we can find more elements of surrealism and supernatural. 

What Remains Edith Finch Review: Game with Best Narrative 

On What Remains Edith Finch review, the game is claimed as the best narrative. Giant’s new game has successfully won the category of best narrative games, defeating the other cool indie games like NieR: Automata, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Wolfenstein, and Horizon Zero Dawn. of course, this is the biggest achievement for Giant. 

Storyline of Game

Essentially, the game tells about a finding of the main cause of death experienced by Finch families. Based on What Remains Edith Finch review, it is said that there is a young lady visiting her old house where her big family lived. She finds a series of short stories of how her family dies.

According to What Remains Edith Finch review, Finch is an American family who were living in Washington. All family members believed that they were cursed. Finch’s young generation was died, but there’s only one child who could survive and had children. 

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Edith Finch, Jr, the youngest child of Dawn Finch and the last member of Finch family is asked to explore Finch’s house. She then explores all areas around, including the paths, series of rooms, and the secret rooms.

The player here will be guided by the resource person named Edith himself. You, as the player, also will find the holy places and memorials of the deceased’s relatives. You must interact with these holy places in order to understand the death of each family member. Here, there are so many things or objects as the clues of the cause of the death. The objects include some pieces of photos, cutscene, and mini-games.

Metacritic for The Game

Many gamers, as has been written in What Remains Edith Finch review, say that this game may depress you as the player. It’s possible that the game makes you in tears. But when the game begins to tell the short story, you have to be always ready to remember all details of the story, then discuss it after you take control.

The developer is very good in exploring the tragedy and loss expressed by every single short story. They leave a great emotion for the players. The game is so fantastic, especially for the gamers who love narrative games. 

With a long duration, the game feels like a tour guide who invites you to get a long road trip. The theme picked up for the game is also interesting. Yes, family. There’s a number of games which take family as the basic theme. 

Quality of Narrative

As the best narrative game, What Remains Edith Finch review has a well-acted narration. There are many details of terms in gameplay. The game also delivers a powerful tale that can make the players come back and find every detail of information that might have been missed before. Basically, the game is light but so addictive. 

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Visual Effect & Graphic Quality

What Remains Edith Finch Review

What Remains Edith Finch review also values on the visual effect and ps4 graphic quality of the game. It’s clear to see that both visual and graphic quality are excellent. All aspects of visualization and graphic design are well-supported. The colours blend well, creating a gloomy look in all rooms. 

The setting of places are made in perfect concept, definitely describing the cursed house with many secret rooms. As depicted in the game, you’ll see the person’s bedroom; yes, it’s sealed up. Such a visualization is a metaphor of chaos and messiness of life. 

The house’s interior, in addition, describes a special character. You have to explore to get more knowledge about it. More details you get, much better in understanding every inch of space. And do you know that the clutter tells a narrative goal. 

A wheelchair with oxygen, for example, tells a story. A modern stair in an old house also tells a different story. And even a box for dishes with food left also has a story. Three books in the game also wanna tell the story. 

This means that Giant figures out the detailed elements that might support the game. The developer then put them in one or different chapters of the story in the game.

Giant Sparrow uses a great idea of viewpoint. The developer lets the player shift himself into one character of the game. The character here can also shift to another character from a different generation and periode. 

Each short story has a distinct plot, gameplay, setting, and aesthetic. But one thing every story shared is the first-person point of view, click control, look, and simple movement. Sounds so interesting, right? If you love the narrative game or tale-game, just try this game out, and get the biggest satisfaction from this game. 

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