Work From Home While Gambling Finally 7 Garut Residents Arrested By Police

Garut Police (Polres) has arrested seven people for allegedly gambling online at the homes of residents in the Tarogong Colour area, Garut Regency, West Java.

“We immediately brought them to Mapolres Garut for further examination with further evidence,” said AKP Maradona Armin Mappaseng, Head of Garut Police Criminal Investigation Agency.

He said the Garut Police Reskrim line could uncover online gambling methods based on employee reports while patrolling the Covid-19 explosion.

poker pulses

Several police arrested the suspect, followed the complaint and arrested the players in two different locations, Jati Village and Langensari Village which is still Tarogong Warna District.

During the arrest of the perpetrators in two different places, some in Jati village and partly in Langensari village. First they found four people.

He revealed that the installer collected the installed numbers and conducted gambling training with dealers with them on online gambling sites.

Not only suspecting him, the police also found evidence in the form of millions of rupee cash, several mobile phones, passbooks, self-service cash bridge cards, gambling installation recaps, and evidence of money transfers.

Police claim the player violated ITE Law going to be sentenced to 10 years in prison for his actions.

“The maximum sentence for a suspect is 10 years in prison,” Maradona said.