Bell-fruit Games Becomes the Oldest Slot Game Provider

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Slot games are indeed a game that is quite old and old. This game first appeared using manual slot machines. Whereas now, slot games can be played online. One of the software that provides is Bell-Fruit Games. This software is familiar to online slot game players, right?

Bell-Fruit Games is a game industry company that provides various types of video games. This company in England has been around for a long time and dominates the online slot market. This company has been around for 50 years.

With a fairly old age, this company has always focused on developing game design and game technology that suits the needs of the times. In addition, their target market is the land-based market . So it is not surprising that Bell-Fruit Games can survive for a long time.

Bell-fruit: Leading Games Service Provider Software

Bell-Fruit Games

Bell-Fruit Games is one of the online slot software that is widely used by several online slot sites. The software produced by this fairly old company has a working design as a ‘popular fruit producer’ which is distributed to the UK, Europe and several other countries markets .

The company was founded in the 1960s under the name Bell-Fruit. After experiencing several developments, the name changed to Bell-Fruit Manufacturing co. Ltd. This company produces games with the concept of fruit medin and also bingo machines. At the beginning of its pioneering career, this company marketed this product to the UK market only.

When viewed in more detail, The Bell Fruit Group is two companies that run under one system. Both are Bell-Fruit Games (BFG) whose goal is to produce game engines in the AWP style. This method is commonly used in PUBs and bingo clubs. It is the same with QPS Interactive.

While the other branch of the company is Mazooma Interactive. The company was formed in 1997. The aim of this company is to make terminal machines that are used as betting tools that are placed on the streets of the UK region. Some people call it a street casino machine.

This company is quite large and growing compared to companies engaged in the same field. Currently, the company employs at least more than 200 professionals to develop the game. The company, which has its headquarters in Nottingham, England, has penetrated the international market with a wide scope.

With its extraordinary business journey, this company was then ogled by other holding companies. Companies interested in Bell-Fruit Games are Astra Games Ltd. So that in 2012, Bell-Fruit Games was acquired into it where the company is part of the Novomatic Group.

After this process, Bell-Fruit Games and Mazooma became part of the Novomatic Group. Novomatic Group itself is a game industry company that is quite leading in its field. So don’t be surprised if Bell-Fruit Games finally merged into it.

Popular Slot Games

The slot machines produced by Bell-Fruit Games almost dominate the online slot market. There are so many types of slot games that adopt the concept of ‘fruit’ in them. In its production, this company issued machines with VIP deal and No Deal systems. The existence of this system is the result of collaboration with another game company, namely Endemol.

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In addition, Bell-Fruit Games also released the Deal or No Deal Box 23 in 2014. This machine was named as a category B machine. Bell-Fruit Games marketed this type of machine in pubs. This machine uses a single payline system in its game.

Machines of this category were then ogled by many people and used as ‘Banker’s offer’. Where players can bet with more money hidden in the number box 23 as the name implies. Players who play this type are also usually interested in hyper deal or no deal games.

Another popular slot game from Bell-Fruit Games is ‘queen- we are the champions’. This game is composed with the collaboration of Hi-Lo Shuffle, player skill, and also provides a big jackpot. The jackpot even reached 100 pounds. Interesting isn’t it?

‘Queen – we are the champions’ presents three Freddie Mercury symbols to win. The style used in this type of game is dear or no deal. Players can choose to accept or reject the offer given by the system.

In addition, there is also a Jiggin’ jackpot game. The game has a Celtic theme. This game is a classic type of game because it provides a line in the form of 3 reels. These 3 rolls contain pictures of cherries, melons, oranges, apples. There is also a picture of a gold pot and clove leaves as a complement. Classic isn’t it?

So don’t be surprised if Bell-Fruit Games is an old online slot game company that still sticks with its classic system.

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